Heidi Dawson


(With one of her sons Patrick)

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Tyler Dawson


‚Äč(With two of his sons

Patrick and Joshua)

The Determined Parents Foundation grants money to special needs children ad their families.  We provide supplemental financial support for things like co-pays, deductibles and items insurance only partially covers or does not cover at all. 

If you are a parent of a special needs child you know how hard it can be. We are trying to make this task a bit easier by easing the minds of special needs parents. We want to make sure every child gets the help they need. Even with insurance, the copay or deductible costs can be very expensive! Being co-pay or deductible poor is a problem we are trying to remedy. 

We want to strengthen the bonds between special needs families by providing a safe place with open lines of communication. Our goal is to make it so NO ONE feels alone! 

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