Heidi Dawson


(With one of her sons Patrick)

Tyler Dawson


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Patrick and Joshua)

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About Us

The Determined Parents Foundation provides recommendations and guidance to build a highly individualized plan for each child receiving special education services through student, parent, advocate, and IEP team collaboration guided by state and federal laws and the needs of the student.

Seeing a child succeed and progress in school and be provided with an education equal to and included with their typical peers with accommodations, services, supports, and modifications is our motivation and goal for each child and family we serve.


IEP and 504 Review
IEP and 504 Recommendations
School and Home Observations and Recommendations
IEP Meeting & Mediation Attendance
Special Education Law -IDEA & FAPE (we do not provide legal advice)
Parental Guidance & Advice
Telephone and Email Support
Resource Referral
Local Support Group